About Us Achievement


Chaudhary Group has achieved various distinctions of being the first in Nepal.

   1. No. 1 corporate house in Nepal

   2. 40 plus operating businesses with 6000 employees

   3. Annual turnover of more than $270 million

   4. 1st multinational company in Nepal

   5. 12 Global partners and associates

   6. Presence in more than 20 countries

   7. Wide network with 2000 distributors all over Nepal

   8. Recognition from Forbes Asia

   9. Reputation of having the largest or second largest yet fastest growing in all sectors of business it is present in.

Exports to India: The Group was the first to start processed food, i.e. Biscuits in North Eastern part of India competing against established names like Britannia and Parle.

Electronic: The Group's as well as Nepal's first electronic company in Sound Equipments & Electrical Appliances Industries (SEEAI) pioneered a range of fine audio products & home appliances.

Noodles: The Group is the first to set up a sophisticated and state of the art technology noodle plant with the technical collaboration with a Thai company in Nepal, which is amongst the biggest in South Asia.

Assembly Plant: The first television and radio assembly plant in Nepal.

Real Estate: The first real estate company to introduce modern concept of housing in Nepal.

Snacks: The first company to manufacture snacks.

Hospitality Sector: The first Global company in the hospitality sector.

ISO 9002: The first food production company to be awarded ISO 9002.

International Asia Award: The first company to be awarded the International Asia Award.


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