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LG Cinema 3D Smart TV


KATHMANDU, Sept 12: CG Electronics is introducing two new models of LG 3D Cinema smart televisions in the market by the end of this month.


 The extra slim 55-inch LG 55LW5700 and 55LM6700 will be priced at Rs 390,990 and Rs 424390, respectively, according to officials of CG Electronics.

“These full HD and 3Dcapable television sets offer all-in-one entertainment solution, featuring HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connectivity, 3D cinema capability and 3D zooming sound system,” Ramesh Shrestha, general manager of CG Electronics, said.
LG 3D Cinema televisions have attractive features like Wi-Fi connectivity and Skype ready. Skype Ready feature facilitates the consumer to use all Skype features, including video calling and data sharing, said Shrestha.


“We are hopeful that the new lineup of smart televisions will be popular in the market,” Shrestha said, adding, “This is the ideal time for launching new products as people splurge on high-end products during this festive season.”

Both the new models can transform 2D content into 3D. "This is an exciting feature incorporated in the television. Though the quality will not be as good as in contents shot in 3D, users can still get the feel of 3D viewing even in an ordinary video," said Shrestha. 

He further added that the company decided to launch 3D Cinema televisions in the local market as it can be the best choice for the customers who are looking for premium television with various features.

CG Electronics is currently selling four models of 3D televisions by LG. Apart from these two 55-inch 3D Cinema models, the company is also introducing two models each in 32-inch and 42-inch 3D segment before the Dashain festival.

Officials of CG Electronics said the company would give four 3D glasses free with every purchase of 3D Cinema televisions. The 3D glass costs Rs 1,950 in local market. 

“People looking to upgrade from LCD and LED televisions are our potential buyers,” said Shrestha.


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