Media TCL products in Nepal

TCL products in Nepal

The Kathmandu Post, Tuesday, Oct 02, 2012

CG Electronics, a Chaudhary Group (CG) subsidiary, has bagged the dealership of TCL electronics for Nepal. With this, Elements of Life (EOL), a sister concern of CG Electronics, will market TCL products in Nepal. According to CG Electronics, TCL is the market leader in China and is the fifth largest LCD, LED manufacturer in the world.

“CG Electronics is a popular name in the domestic market. We have been dealing with electronic products from a number of global brands. TCL has been added to the company’s portfolio to enhance its reach to the customers,” said Kripananda Jha, general manager of CG Electronics. 
He added the company has been aggressively expanding its multi-branded showroom CG Digital in the Kathmandu valley and has similar plans outside Kathmandu, and this prompted the company to deal in more brands. CG Digital offers products from all brands being marketed by CG Electronics. “As we offer complete product ranges of companies we are dealing with, customers will benefit from this move,” Jha said.
Organising a press meet in Kathmandu, the company also introduced wide line ups of electronics from TCL. The company initially has introduced products like LCD, LED and CRT TVs. Similarly, two variants of washing machine too have been unveiled. LCD televisions from the company are available in three standard sizes — 24-, 32- and 42-inch. They are priced in the range of Rs 26,790 to Rs 64,990. LED TVs, available in two standard sizes — 24-and 32-inch — are priced at Rs 30,790 and Rs 47,890, respectively. As for the CRT TVs, the 14-inch variant costs Rs 8,990 while the 21-inch Ultra slim TV costs Rs 14,890.
Two washing machines with 6.8kg and 8kg capacities are available at Rs 15,990 and Rs 17,990, respectively. Both of the washing machines are available in semi-automatic option. The company has said that it will widen its portfolio by introducing air conditioners, telephone sets, rice cookers and vacuum cleaners, among others, within the near future. 
According to Jha, all these products are available across the country through 100 TCL dealer networks. CG Electronics has said the company will add 100 more dealer networks soon. “TCL products are available in the Nepali market since years and it has created a separate market for itself. However, the brand has not been able to perform the way it should have due to the lack of publicity and promotion,” Jha said, adding the company would aggressively promote the products to make them a household name in Nepal.
To make sure that the brand becomes successful in competing with rivals, CG Electronics is also maintaining its focus on after sales service. According to Jha, a separate team has been created to look after the TCL brand only. “We have been dealing with numerous electronic brands. Therefore, we have come up with a new entity to make sure that it doesn’t divert our focus from TCL,” said Jha.
TCL is one of the biggest electronics manufacturers having presence in more than 100 countries. Along with seven research and 
development centres, the company maintains 17 manufacturing units and over 4,000 sales locations across the globe. According to CG Electronics, global sales of TCL televisions stand at more than 4 million units a month on an average.
Posted on: 2012-10-02 08:48

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