Media CG Launches ‘ World’s thinnest’ 3D TV

CG Launches ‘ World’s thinnest’ 3D TV

The Kathmandu Post, Dec 30, 2012

CG Electronics has launched ‘the world’s thinnest’ 3D Bezel television in Nepal. Chaudhary Group (CG) Managing Director Nirvana Chaudhary unveiled the 55-inch television in Kathmandu on Friday. 


CG will be launching an 84-inch model of the television in the near future.
The cutting-edge 3D bezel TV is ‘1-mm thick when switched off and 4.7mm when switched on’. Equipped with the most advanced 3D technology, the Bezel 3D TV enables a smoother and more immersive 3D viewing.
The Bezel 3D TV comes with an impressive cinema screen, Nano Full LED Display, SD to HD upscale, wireless display, premium content services, over 1.200 Smart TV apps globally and magic remote. 
It features dual play function for games and an expansive selection of 3D movies, sports and games. The Nano Full LED brings a brighter, smoother, cleaner picture than ever before. Using advanced LED technology, it delivers amazingly refined 2D and 3D


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