Media Six – Motion Washing Machine from LG

Six – Motion Washing Machine from LG

The Kathmandu Post Jan 4, 2013

CG Electronics, consumer electronics division of Chaudhary Group and sole authorised distributor of LG for Nepal, has introduced the world’s first six-motion direct-drive washing machine.

According to the company, unlike other such products, LG’s innovative and stylish six-motion washing machines use six powerful but gentle techniques to deliver a customised wash for different types of fabrics without the harsh treatment that causes damage to clothes. Depending on the type of the fabric and dirt level, clothes are washed changing the motions from ‘rolling’, ‘filtration’, ‘scrub’, ‘swing’, ‘stepping’ and ‘tumbling’.
In a statement, the company said the motor of this new LG machine is energy efficient and uses 30 percent less power than other washing machines. “Way ahead of the times, these machines are built with many intelligent systems and are well equipped to enable a clean and hygienic lifestyle,” read the statement. This washing machine from LG is an ideal choice for smaller houses and high density apartments.  It has capacity of 7 kg wash at a time and is designed in Luxury silver colour, chrome door Rim and big LED display.


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