Media Kelvinator Launches New Washing Machines

Kelvinator Launches New Washing Machines

Republica, Jan 9, 2013

Elements Of Life (EOL) - a subsidiary of CG Electronics - has introduced two new models of Kelvinator washing machines in the domestic market. This is the first time EOL introduced washing machines of Kelvinator in Nepal.
“It is the best time for introducing new models of washing machines in the Nepali market as the demand for these appliances is increasing with the fall in mercury level,” said Kusum Lama Yonjan, senior marketing executive at CG Electronics, referring to two new models - WMKT6012RG-FAU and WMKT6512RG-FAU
The capacity of washing machines launched by Kelvinator ranges from 6 kg to 6.5 kg. Washing machine with 6 kg capacity is priced at Rs 23,790, while the one with 6.5 kg capacity costs Rs 26,790.
One of the unique features incorporated in both these machines is the fuzzy control system. 
Fuzzy control system, according to Wikipedia, is a control system based on fuzzy logic - a mathematical system that analyzes analog input values in terms of logical variables. This system continually monitors varying conditions in the drum such as water level, laundry load, load balance and open lid.
According to EOL, both the machines come with eight wash programs such as strong, normal, sari, gentle, with or without soak, among others. They also incorporate a child lock system.
Insulated by powder coated metal body, both washing machines feature eight level water selection system, auto balancing, auto power off, buzzer, transparent plastic window and auto error detection system such as dry tap, no drain, open door and imbalance, among others.
The memory backup function in both the machines effectively handles emergency situations like sudden power failure, as it starts the wash cycle from where it last stopped once the power is back.
“Though both machines look similar there are some differences between the two models in terms of capacity, tub and pulsator,” said Yonjan. The washing machine with 6 kg capacity comes with a plastic tub and Quadra pulsator while one with 6.5 kg capacity comes with steel tub and Twister pulsator.

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