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What does it take to build a business empire

Binod K Chaudhary, the chairman of the CG Corp Global conglomerate group, is Nepal's first billionaire and possibly the most successful industrialist in his nation. He spoke at the Bangladesh Business Awards 2020, an initiative of The Daily Star. I recently had the privilege of reading his memoir, Making it Big (India Portfolio, 2016), in which he looks back upon his professional journey.

As the book recounts, Binod Chaudhary's family worked primarily in the textile business. Binod's father, the late Shri Lunkaran Das Chaudhary, and grandfather, Bhuramal Chaudhary, stepped into a valiant journey, walking through the streets of Kathmandu to sell their products. Instead of learning about the world of business through textbooks and academic degrees, ten-year-old Shri Lunkaran started learning the trade from his own father. They set up their first proper clothing shop in 1934. Decades later, in 1968, Shri Lunkaran would start Arun's Emporium, Nepal's first department store catering to women, men, and children. Yet what felt like a dream shattered when he invested in several businesses only to see no promising returns.

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