Media Partnership between CG Manipal and Campion Institutions

Partnership between CG Manipal and Campion Institutions

The Chaudhary Group (CG) and Manipal K-12 have formed a joint venture in the field of school education. The venture will offer management services to existing and new schools under the brand nameCG-Manipal Schools. The venture would also offer ICT-based school learning solutions and tutorials.

With over 60 years in the higher education space, the Manipal Group is a pioneer in education in India with a very strong track record in higher education. The Group is present in over 20 countries across the globe and has students from over 50 nationalities. Manipal runs 2 Universities, 4 offshore campuses, 20 Institutions of higher education delivering over 180 courses to more than 12,000 students every year.

About a year back, the Manipal Group joined hands with, world’s leading online education provider, to address the school education market. This entity, called Manipal K12, is in the process of opening schools across India - a logical extension of the Manipal Group's strength in education. recently received $19 million in Series C, led by the world's leading Education services major Pearson Group, and supported by existing investor Manipal Group and Lightspeed.

The Chaudhary Group, is one of Nepal's leading business houses, touching every aspect of public life – with presence in industries like food and beverages, apparel, health care, education, real estate (housing development), financial services, steel, automobiles, hydropower , electric power, and hospitality.

CG believes that high quality affordable education is the key to development of Nepal. CG already runs a successful school named “Chandbagh school” in Kathmandu. Based on the experience gained from running “Chandbagh school” and with a desire to replicate and move to the next level, CG has joined hands with Manipal K12 Education.

The objective of CG-Manipal Schools would be to provide quality education at a reasonable cost to the children of Nepal. The schools would be designed to use the right combination of technology and pedagogy for an effective learning process. Teachers would be highly trained to enable every student access their full potentiality.  The schools would ensure that high quality learning environment is created which would be innovative, challenging and enterprising.  Literary and cultural activities would be blended with every student’s academic life, while strong emphasis would be placed on discipline.

CG Manipal has already started its development program by joining hands with good educational institutions in order to raise their achievement level s from an already sound base. CG Manipal is in the process of acquiring 90% shares in the various Campion schools/college with the original owners retaining 10%. These schools have been doing well before  and it is felt that they have the potential to do better.  “ The journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step” (an old Chinese proverb) and CG Manipal has commenced this journey CG starting with these schools and colleges: CAMPION SCHOOL LAGANKHEL, CAMPION ACADEMY, CAMPION COLLEGE, and CAMPION KATHMANDU HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL This network caters to over  1700 students now. There are other schools who have approached CG Manipal to help them with their management and we are in the process of demonstrating to them our technological advantage with a view to improve their schools. With improved class room delivery and ICT solutions, it is expected that many more Nepali students will have access to affordable world class education facilities within the country itself; that too at affordable prices. CG Manipal emphasizes on teacher training and raising the standards of the teaching staff and a two year mandatory training certification will be gradually phased in the system. We believe that only a trained and qualified teacher can educate a child who will be competent to face the challenges of the competitive world.

CG Manipal would like to take this opportunity to reassure the existing parents and guardians as well as the rest of the Nepali population that it is committed towards fulfilling its objective of providing world class high quality education at affordable prices.

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