Media Wai Wai Quick in Chinese Flavours

Wai Wai Quick in Chinese Flavours

Wai Wai, a name that has become generic to noodles and enjoys top awareness and loyalty amongst its consumers is now once again extended its range of flavours through its Wai Wai Quick brand.

Wai Wai Quick in Chinese Flavours 1

Wai Wai Quick in the past has introduced many first of its kind flavours such as Chicken pizza and Kimchi. A favourite of all teenagers across Nepal, Wai Wai Quick  has now introduced two new Original Chinese Flavours – Chicken Schezwan and Vegetable Manchurian.

These two flavours are specially developed for Wai Wai keeping in mind the popularity of Chinese food amongst Nepali consumers. Also the Chinese flavours come with low cholesterol sunflower oil.

Moreover for the first time in Nepal, Wai Wai Quick's unique Chinese flavours come in attractive super matte-metallic premium wrappers that keep the noodles super-fresh. However, Wai Wai Quick is still attractively priced at Rs. 15/- only.


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