Supplier Registration

I) General Information about your organization
b) Year of the establishment:
c) Full mailing address:
d) Telephone:*
e) E-mail Address: *
f) Website URL:
g) Fax No.:
h) Quality certificates obtained by your company(Such as ISO 9001:2000,ISO 14001 & others):
i) Number of employees:
j) Annual Sales turnover for the last two fiscal years(please specify the currency in USD):
II) Details of your manufacturing facility (If this is irrelevant to you, you may ignore this part);
a) Do you have your own manufacturing facility?
b) Full address of your factory:
c) Contact person:
d) Telephone No.:
e) Fax No.:
f) E-mail Address:
III) Authorized Dealership (Please, attach the copies of dealership certificates);
a) Product description Dealership of
b) Product description Dealership of
c) Product description Dealership of
d) Product description Dealership of
e) Product description Dealership of
IV) Registration Number
a) Tax ID #:
b) PAN #:
c) VAT #:
d) Others if any:
V) Status of your company (please, tick the one that apply)
a) Public Limited Company
b) Private Limited Company
c) Partnership
d) Proprietary
e) Goverment/State owned
VI) Product Category - Please tick the category(s) for the product(s) for which you want to register with us.
a) Machinery
b) Machine spares
c) Raw material for Fast moving consumable goods (such as noodles, cheese balls, patato chips, and wafers)
d) Packaging material (such as, wrappers/laminates and cartons)
e) Raw material for the Beverages (such as fruit juices and Beer)
f) Tobacco and accessories for cigarette manufacturing
g) Housekeeping products
h) Stationaries
i) Furniture
j) Others
VII) Please, describe the sub-category of the product(s) at the following blank space:
VIII) Payment terms & conditions:
IX) Reference (please mention your major customers)
a) Major customer:
Items Supplied:
b) Major customer:
Items Supplied:
c) Major customer:
Items Supplied:
X) Manufacturing Process and Infrastructure
a) A brief write-up on your manufacturing process:
b) Please list major plants and equipments along with capacity, make, and model no. & year of manufacture.
c) Description of your storage facility
XI) Organization structure and quality systems of your company
a) How do you describe about your organization structure?
b) Is quality control and quality assurance/Inspection a separate and distinct part of your organaization?
c) Do you maintain procedures for inspection of incoming raw material?
d) Do you provide test certificates that the supplied material confirms to agreed specifications?
e) Are quality records of your manufacturing activities maintained?
f) Do you maintain procedures for handling customer complaints?
g) Please, tell us in concise, the quality system in your organization handling varoius quality checks at different stages in your manufacturing process and details of testing equipments.
XII) Packaging and mode of transport
a) Quality and type of packing used
b) Mode of transport (Please, tick the ones that apply)
i) Road
ii) Ship
iii) Rail
iv) Air
Form completed by Designation
Signature Date of completion
The bottom portion is only for CG use
1) Supplier number:
2) Status (please, tick the one)
a) New
b) Update
c) Reactive
3) Reviewed and commented by HOD-purchase
Signature (HOD purchase) Date
4) Status of registration form (please, tick the one)
a) Approve
b) Disapprove
c) Pending
5) If disapprove, please mention the reason(s) for disapproving.
Signature of GM for the respective division Date